Things to do

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Cape Town and its surroundings offer you experiences that will last a lifetime! Take a look at the categories below to find out what you should be doing!

  • Specials


    Do something different:
    - Sand Dune Quad Biking
    - Table Mountain Abseiling
    - Kamikaze Canyoning

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  • Hair-Raising Activities!

    Hair-Raising Activities!

    How far will you go to find the thrill of a lifetime? There are many spectacular activities that will take your breath away, from Shark Cage Diving to plunging down the highest bungee jump in the world!

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  • See the Sights!

    See the Sights!
    Cape Town is one of the most beautiful and culturally diverse cities in South Africa, so there are many reasons to go explore. Go see the penguins, venture up Table Mountain and soak in African hospitality throughout the city.

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  • Sports Junkie!

    Sports Junkie!

    Enjoy doing outdoor sporty-stuff? So do Capetonians! Find fun activities including fishing, water sports, hiking and much more!

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  • Enrich Yourself!

    Enrich Yourself!

    The story of South Africa is filled with great historic events – some good, some bad, but all of it is worth knowing to fully understand the cultural diversity that makes South Africans so unique. Visit museums and galleries, go on township tours, or have lunch at the famous Mzolis.

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  • Hey Big Spender!

    Hey Big Spender!
    Feeling flashy? Got some cold hard cash? Live out your Tom Cruise / Top Gun fantasy in a fighter jet, take a helicopter ride to the wine lands and back or rent a sports car to go round the bends of Camps Bay!

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