Narina Trogon, Restaurant Johannesburg

Narina Trogon, Restaurant Johannesburg

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Dine in the City
Narina Trogon restaurant serves inventive and locally sourced seasonal food in a visually sophistcated environment. Located in the heart of vibrant Braamfontein, Narina Trogon is a tribute to fresh food and the best of contemporary African design.

Our Building
An historic treasure, 81 De Korte Street housed a sweet manufacturer on its ground floor with warehousing abovein the 1920s.

Showcasing local talent was a priority in the design of Narina Trogon. With Johannesburg Aschitect Charles van Breda, the goal was to create an environ ment akin in spirit to a sand forest(where the elusive Narina Trogon dwells).
Like this elusive bird, we feel that Narina Trogonis a nod to the rarity of good food in a stylish settingin downtown Johannesburg.

Narina Trogon serves seasonal contemporary food in urban Johannesburg. Over 100 diners can be entertained in a range of flexibale dinning spaces. In our lounge, at our bar, in one of two smaller dining rooms, in our bamboo garden or in the main dinning room.

Operating hours

Monday 07h00-16h00
Tuesday 07h00-1600
Wednesday 07h00-22h00
Thursday 07h00-16h00
Friday 07h00-22h00

10h00-14h00 and

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Narina Trogon

81 De Korte Street, Braamfontien

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tel: 0113396645