FAFF, Restaurant Johannesburg

FAFF, Restaurant Johannesburg

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European food generally conjures up images of either very stuffy, complicated and expensive food or extremely homely rustic fare. Time has marched on, with the advent of Asian influenced new world fusion, chemical deconstruction, progressive lifestyles and the TV food channels and chefs. Californian and Australian styles have captivated us but simple European still reigns supreme.

Modern styles today demand "less is more", clean lines and no fussing about.

Created by Dave Wallace a previous owner of the multi award winning Singing Fig restaurant, on the same site in Norwood comes;

FAFF: Modern European cuisine, simply using the very best and freshest ingredients with as little fuss as possible. Sexed up neighbourhood fare with neighbourhood pricing delivered in a relaxed and neighbourly environment.

FAFF: To behave indecisively

Through Degustation allowing and encouraging the diner to not be decisive, to not have to make detailed decisions, to chill and be relaxed, to actually enjoy varied choice, .. to FAFF about.



  • A sense of taste
  • To taste with relish; savour

A term meaning "a careful, appreciative tasting of various foods"

More than likely to involve sampling small portions of signature dishes in one sitting often consisting of eight or more courses.

Elements of this concept have been adopted with a little, mmm.. "Licence

William Shakespeare may have been heard to have whispered;

To FAFF about or not FAFF about, that is the question

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44 The Avenue, Norwood

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tel: +27 117282434